Individual Therapy

Therapy is a space for you to come and discuss the harder topics in your life that have been difficult to face.  We will sort through what stuck aspects of your life may be troubling you.

Perhaps you are looking to get to the bottom of the depression/anxiety you experience as related to your personal, work, or family relationships.  Are you feeling like there are obstacles keeping you from reaching your potential.

Maybe your dating life is not panning out the way you had hoped and you are looking to find the right 'one' for you.  

Perhaps you are not over your last relationship and need help getting 'closure' so you can live a healthy and whole life.

Or maybe you are in a relationship but need to address feelings of confusion or malaise that are getting in the way of connecting with your partner.

Together we will explore the patterns in your life that may be repeating themselves, identify the areas that are keeping you from having the relationship that you want, set goals for your personal relationships, and set you up for the healthy and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is where you come to confront tough issues in your relationship that you can't resolve on your own or with the advise of family and friends.

Is your communication failing?  Are you having recurring arguments that just don't seem to get resolved?  Do you feel like what you are saying is getting lost in translation with your partner?

You may feel that you are at an impasse in your relationship or there is no hope.  

Maybe you are having a hard time with the everyday issues in your relationship - like household chores, finances, co-parenting.



Perhaps you are facing recent breaches of trust that have been too hard to overcome on your own.  

And maybe you need help making decisions about how to move forward in your relationship.  

Coming to couples therapy will pull you out of the feelings of frustration, confusion, sadness and show you where there is room for growth.  You CAN restore that feeling of hope and connection in your relationship.  Together we will work to gain the skills and tools that you need to get there.